Our neighborhood Bible studies meet in homes to connect with one another through sharing and conversation and connect with God through exploring his Word. They are open to anyone, regardless of your level of Bible knowledge, personal spirituality, or connection to the church.


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Red Mill Farms - Brock house - Mondays at 7:00 PM

Salem - Griffin house - Thursday at 7:00 PM


We spend the first part of each meeting connecting with one another through general introductions, catching up, and sharing particular anxieties and celebrations that are on our minds. Then the leader gives those anxieties and celebrations to God in prayer and we turn to studying the Bible. The passage for study each week is printed out on a sheet of paper, so everyone can be literally on the same page! We read through it together, make observations, ask questions, work together to figure out what it meant for the original readers, and then talk about what it means for us today.


Children are welcome at our Bible studies! Contact us before coming to talk about the specific ages and needs of your children.