One of the reasons different churches “feel” different from each other is because every church has it’s own unique personality. This personality is often shaped, intentionally or unintentionally, by their ideas of what they want to be (vision), what they see as their task (mission), and the ways they go about that task (core values)

Our Vision

A new community freed by God to love him and love others

Our Mission

To connect the people of southern Virginia Beach with God and each other through His Word, person to person, neighborhood by neighborhood


Humility - We strive to exalt God rather than ourselves and seek to learn from the wisdom and experience of fellow Christians throughout history and the world, especially those who are in direct association with us and those that bring different perspectives. See 1 Peter 5:6-7

Obedience - We are committed to obeying God's clear commands revealed in the Bible, even when we don't completely understand the reasons or they are difficult to follow. See 1 Peter 1:13-16

Reliance - We realize that God is the owner and ruler of the world and we trust in him to provide for all our needs and to cause his kingdom to grow, making an active effort to not put our faith in our own strategies and abilities. See Philippians 4:19

Imperfection - We recognize that all of us are flawed and sinful, but find freedom and acceptance in God's grace toward us, and also find hope in his promise that he is at work to bring all things to completion and perfection one day. See Philippians 3:12-16

Outward-Facing - We turn away from self-focus and look outward toward those who are different from us and particularly those who are outside the church that we may truly reflect God's heart toward the world. See Matthew 28:19-20